Course information

Swim Course

The swim course is a 600 meter out and back swim with buoys dividing the two lanes. There will be canoes, boats, and lifeguards on the rock jetty to ensure a safe swim environment for the athletes. The race will begin in waves, making for a less crowded start.

Bike Course

The bike course is a 12 mile out and back course starting at the city marina. It will go up to Redwood road, turn left and head south for 6 miles, and then go back along the same route. The bike course will have police at each end of the road and will have a lead car each time a car tries to drive down. There will be signs and police at the turn around point.

Run Course

The run course is a scenic 5 kilometer run through the neighborhood surrounding the city marina. There will be volunteers at each turn and police to stop traffic as you cross the road. The run course also has one water stop.

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